• Lusitania: Beneath the surface.

      McMahon, Daithi; O'Connor, Fred; University of Derby (Radio Kerry, 2014-12)
      After the RMS Lusitania is sunk by a German U-boat off the south-west coast of Ireland in 1915 the people of the Blasket Islands in Co Kerry rallied to save as many souls as possible and nurse them back to health. This is the story of how one of those survivors unsettles the peaceful islands as his dark past is quickly catching up with him after an investigation is launched into the sinking.
    • William Melville: The Queen's detective.

      McMahon, Daithi; O'Connor, Fred; University of Derby (Radio Kerry, 2014-05)
      In this classic detective drama, set in the summer of 1889, Melville’s skills are put to the test as he is assigned to protect the visiting Shah of Persia as Fenian anarchists aim assassinating the royal guest. This drama is based on actual events and creates an intriguing insight into the world of political intrigue, criminality, and espionage that would have existed in late Victorian London. The drama was produced for the audience in county Kerry where William Melville was from and was intended to educate and entertain the listeners young and old about one of the county's most decorated sons.