• The Terre Ice Chandelier

      Locke, Caroline; University of Derby (2020-05-20)
      Performing Data is an Arts Council Funded Project exploring and developing possibilities, using various forms of physical and environmental data in order to control and activate sculptural works. The sculptures become part of a series of live performances, installations and films. The Terre Ice Chandelier uses data in connection to climate change and impacts by connecting people through interdisciplinary art practices to the Earth. The Terre Ice Chandelier uses the rate of Arctic sea ice melting recorded by The Scott Polar Research Institute to control a dimmer unit which brightens and dims the light given off by the ice chandelier. The heat from the light melts the ice over time and the dripping water falls onto a hotplate below to creating a sizzling sound as the water evaporates. Caroline worked with Programmer Noel Murphy to develop her performing data projects, finding new ways to use new technologies to control or operate mechanisms and sculptural elements. The work was filmed in slow motion (160fps) using University of Derby's specialist Sony F5 Camera and a 4 screen video installation has been developed. The output in May 2020 was delayed by Covid-19