• Curious apothecary.

      McNaney, Nicky; University of Derby (14/10/2017)
      A artist book Curious Apothecary is published within in a Artist Book "Prescriptions " as part of a wider research project on artists’ books and the medical humanities, organised by the University of Kent and the University of New England (Maine Women Writers Collection), and supported by the Wellcome Trust. The book explores the role book arts can play in raising awareness of the richness and value of live accounts of illness.
    • Curious Apothecary; An artists publication

      McNaney, Nicky; University of Derby (2016-09)
      “Prescriptions” was a juried exhibition of book art to supplement Martha Hall’s exhibition of works as part of Artists’ Books and the Medical Humanities symposium and workshop. The symposium, which launched Prescriptions, explored connections between artists' books, health/illness and medicine from interdisciplinary perspectives. The publication “Curious Apothecary” invites the viewer to create their own interpretation of the curious nature of the medical practices that took place in the 18th century and challenges the traditional processes of illustration through printmaking, while exploring its application in a more contemporary artists book format.