• Adding variety to your learning activities.

      Bryson, David; University of Derby (2010-06-16)
    • Current issues: consent for clinical photography.

      Bryson, David; University of Derby (2013-06)
    • Developing and sharing your CPD portfolio.

      Bryson, David; University of Derby (2012-09)
    • Google scholar and e-journals.

      Bryson, David; University of Derby (2010-09)
    • Operating theatre photography for personal injury cases.

      Bryson, David; University of Derby (1999-06)
      Photography, including records taken in theatre, has an important role to play in the legal settlement of personal injury claims. Photographs taken immediately prior to an operation in the anaesthetic room or during the operation provide valuable evidence for civil litigation. The type of operations at which personal injury photographs should be taken range from emergency surgery and minor operations to exploratory or reparative surgery. The value of pre-operative photography is demonstrated in two examples of orthopaedic surgery for personal injury claims.
    • The personal development planning cycle.

      Bryson, David; University of Derby (2011-12)
      This Learning and CPD sheet is designed to pull together into a framework many of the activities that have already been published. It should also help anyone planning to go for audit of their CPD or who have been requested to submit for audit. There are a number of different ways of viewing the Personal Development Planning (PDP) or CPD cycle; the one covered here is just one example and shouldn't be seen as the only way of looking at PDP. For a greater range of activities, look at the book "Skills for Success: The Personal Development Planning Handbook" by Cottrell and the companion website.
    • Team based review and reflection.

      Bryson, David; University of Derby (2010-03)