• Quickening - A digital exhibition at Pickford House

      Templeton-Parker, Christine; Watson, Stephen; Fletcher, Jane; University of Derby (Derby Museums Trust, 2016-11-07)
      Quickening ‘The dream of motion haunts the visual arts from the classical period to the present day.’ (Linda Nead, 2007, The Haunted Gallery: Photography Film and Painting c.1900, Yale University Press, 45)) Quickening is a family of digital portraits, made using the latest RED camera technology. It seeks to tap into all that is uncanny about film and photography, using digital technology to blur the boundaries of the animate and inanimate, the past, and the ‘passed away’. Inspired by nineteenth century ‘photographer of souls’ Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879), Quickening explores the notion of ‘materialisation of the spirit’ as the photographed soul quickens from its arrested moment, to engage with the viewer in the present. Using subtle manipulation of frame speed and colour made possible by the use of RED technology, Quickening experiments with photographic portraiture and narrative, much as Cameron did with the new photographic technologies of her time.