• Tolpuddle Martyrs Tree Bell

      Locke, Caroline; University of Derby (BEAF Festival, Bournemouth, 2020-05-31)
      Locke uses various ways of using tree data to consider the frequency of certain trees. She has been working with John Taylor Bell Foundry in Loughborough to cast bells which are tuned to the frequency of trees. In March 2020 Locke was due to be scanning the Tolpuddle Martyrs Tree in Dorset and casting a bell based on the data she collected from the tree to be used as part of publicly engaged events at the Bournemouth Arts Festival. Working with the public and a town crier, she planned to exchange tree saplings for the public’s stories about their own significant trees. The town cryer was to use the tree bell to ring out 'tree cries' written by the artist based on stories gathered from members of the public. The artist was also planning musical events at the festival with The Bournemouth Youth Handbell Team in connection with her tree bells.