• Lo zoo delle donne giraffe: un viaggio tra i Kayan nella Tailandia del nord

      Nicoletti, Martino; University of Derby, School of Art and Design (Edizioni Exòrma - Roma, 2011)
      In the form of an extended travelogue combined with information relating to the recent history of the Kayan as well as to their mythology and religion, the work – based on experience during field-work in the north-west of Thailand in 2009 and 2010 – is an original contribution to knowledge in the field of the history of ethnic tourism among the Kayan. A sizable set of BW photographs – taken by the author using a 1920s Kodak box camera and a 1960s Agfa medium format camera – enriches the work, providing a rare contribution to the most experimental contemporary visual anthropology and lens-based arts. Text and images are, moreover, accompanied by a DVD containing an experimental Super-8 short by the author: "I Must Not Look You in the Eyes", a dynamic counterpart to the written and visual accounts, as well as to their specific mood.
    • The zoo of the giraffe women: a journey among the Kayan of Northern Thailand

      Nicoletti, Martino; University of Derby, School of Art and Design (Vajra Publications - Kathmandu, 2013)
      In a village in the far north of Thailand, under the stunning light of a tropical sun, surreal women impeccably wearing their ethnic attire, smiling and motionless, offer themselves to the cameras of voracious tourists. Adorned with gorgeous necklaces of shining brass coils, they are the famous “giraffe women”, the epithet commonly used to define members of the Kayan tribe originally from eastern Burma. The vivid contrast between the myths narrating the origin of this ethnic group and their current condition as refugees from the civil war in their homeland provides an outstanding and sharp testimony to life in Thailand’s “human zoos”. A wide selection of photographs taken by the author using primitive vintage cameras from the early 1900s and a poignant short video, shot with Super-8 film, enrich the volume, visually amplifying the unique mood of the written account.