• Audiovisual border fictioning (of the body & territory): the Eile project, AV body conference, Huddersfield University.

      McCloskey, Paula; Vardy, Sam; university of Derby; Sheffield Hallam University (2018-06-12)
      The presentation Audiovisual Border Fictioning (of the body & territory) film and talk about The Eile Project (an investigation of borders using art research methods) was presented AVBODY body conference in June 2018. The AVBODY symposium "brings together practitioner-researchers working with digital media, dance tech, screendance, screen studies, experimental performance, performer training, visual anthropology, and other fields to examine relations between audiovisuality and embodiment in the contemporary moment." This international conference allowed us to present The Eile Project to a wide artist, research audience. We gave a presentation and showed the Eile film Territories of Eile. The presentation and film are attached/link.
    • Woman's Work

      Rushton, Stephanie; University of Derby (2016-09-30)
      An exhibition of photography as the result of an ACE funded 3-week residency at the Airspace Gallery and Potteries Museum in July 2016, looking at gender stereotypes in industry in the Potteries district. The exhibition juxtaposes imagery of women's work from the C19th from the PMAG photographic archive with imagery from 2016 taken by Stephanie Rushton.