• S.H.E.D panel at InDialogue 2019

      Jones, Rhiannon; Courage, Cara; Nunn, Alex; Barker, Victoria; Tate Exchange; Derby Theatre; University of Derby (InDialogue, 2019-11-19)
      This panel will discuss the impact that mobile projects have on cultural, social and political discourse and notions of placemaking (Courage, 2017) or place shaping for cities. It is an opportunity for reflection on the ambitions and lessons learnt for S.H.E.D as a literal and metaphorical vehicle for the design of dialogue. Professor Alex Nunn will describe the way in which intersectional inequalities are produced and reproduced across space and time and explore the ways in which these dynamics might shape the way that we collect and analyse data about inequality. Dr Rhiannon Jones will focus her input on the impact that artistic practice has on engaging or engineering alternative sites for social, creative and cultural engagement. Dr Victoria Barker will draw on her research into the creation of cultural ecosystems and the interdisciplinary nature of artistic practice. To this end, Barker will focus on how cities are a site for cultural policy and dialogue. Together, Barker and Jones will reflect on how their individual areas of research weave together through their collaboration on the interdisciplinary project S.H.E.D.