• Across the decades (60 years).

      Basi, Philip Ranjit; University Of Derby (2016-08)
      2015 was the 60th year that the Derby West Indian Community Association (DWICA) has been delivering services to the Black and Culturally Diverse Community. DWICA acknowledged that the “DIAMOND” anniversary this was a milestone that should be celebrated. Through a funding application process DWICA successfully secured project financial resources from Heritage Lottery Fund to deliver a project called “Across the Decades” which showcased the achievements made by DWICA over the past sixty (60) years. This project was the foundation for the organisation to collated and document it’s’ legacy detailing the contributions made by the pioneering African Caribbean community coming to the city Derby, in the main from the Caribbean. In addition document the following (2nd & 3rd) generation’s contribution towards community development in Derby.
    • A history

      Shore, Tim; Jennings, Humphrey; University of Derby (2015)
      'A history' is an artists’ book (edition of 10) made from Corrugated card, tissue paper, newsprint, letterpress, binding screw and string. The book presents repetitions of the phrase “1. the factory, 2. the school, 3. the workhouse, 4. the prison” taken from a note by Humphrey Jennings in his anthology ‘Pandaemonium: The Coming of the Machine As Seen by Contemporary Observers (1660-1886)’. Jennings comments on ‘The History of Derby’ (1817) in which W. Hutton recounts his experiences as a child apprentice at the Derby Silk Mill c.1730: “The abstract horror of the image derives in part from the unspoken acknowledgement of the truth as far as 18th century poor were concerned: 1. the factory, 2. the school, 3. the workhouse, 4. the prison, were all the same building.”