• Riot 1831 1958 1981 2011 in Nottingham.

      Jones, Rhiannon; Nottingham Trent University (New Art Exchange, ADP Riot Tour and L-13.org Prophetic Promotions Press., 2016-09)
      In 2012 New Art Exchange opened its new season with a specially developed session considering the impact of the Nottingham riots one year on. Rhiannon Jones was commissioned by New Art Exchange, Synapse Arts and Nottingham City Council, to design a research project to facilitate conversations between voices of the hard to reach, local community members, youth groups and academics to discuss the effect that the riots has had on the people of Nottingham. This article was commissioned by New Art Exchange 5 years on, in 2016, was commissioned review the impact of Rhiannon Jones' 2012 project Mediated Riots, in order to revisit the lasting impact of the methodological findings and reflect on the research questions that the project raised. It questions the value of reflexivity, and the politics of socially and dialogically engaged research projects. The article was included in the publication that toured with ADP Riot Tour to 36 sites across the UK on a nationwide tour. The ADP was shown outside Nottingham's New Art Exchange as part of their exhibitions 'A Rebel Scene' + 'Fighting Walls' exploring civil resistance, activist space and political defiance. As part of the stop Jimmy Cauty and L-13's Steve Lowe took part in a talk describing the process of how the ADP was made and how the ADP Riot Tour went from the word RIOT on a map to reality. The ADP was in Nottingham from 26th September - 10th October.