• Building online employability: a guide for academic departments

      Longridge, Debra; Hooley, Tristram; Staunton, Tom; University of Derby (International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby, 2013-06)
      This guide will help academic departments to support students to think about their careers and to use the online environment wisely. Used badly the array of social media and online technologies can seriously disadvantage a students’ career development, but if used well they can support students to find out about and transition into their future career.
    • Competences of a careers adviser in a digital age

      Moore, Nicki; University of Derby (Evropská Kontakní Skupina (EKS), 2017-06)
      This chapter describes the digital career management skills required by careers advisers in order to support their clients career development.
    • A critical response to Hooley’s Seven Cs of digital literacy.

      Staunton, Tom; University of Derby (National Institute for Career Education and Counselling (NICEC), 2018-04)
      This article will provide a critical analysis of Tristram Hooley’s Seven Cs of digital literacy. This analysis will be based on responses from the theoretical tradition of New Literary Studies (NLS) to digital literacy. The key findings of this article are that NLS points towards the Seven Cs, firstly, developing an autonomous view of knowledge and skills where learning is seen as separate from context and, secondly, which obscures forms of exclusion and inequality. Finally, this analysis will discuss an alternative basis for careers practice based on online pedagogy and critical investigation.
    • 'It all kind of symbolises something doesn't it?' How students present their career image online.

      Hooley, Tristram; Cutts, Beth; University of Derby (National Institute for Career Education and Counselling (NICEC), 2018-04-04)
      It has become common to share images of yourself online. There is evidence that employers are using these images as part of selection decisions. This article presents a research project which explored these issues with current undergraduates. It found that students had a clear understanding of what a professional online career image would look like, but that this was not reflected in the images that they shared. However, students were careful and considered in the images that they did share; they just did not want employers looking at them. For careers professionals this situation presents an ethical challenge as to how far we want to curb students’ online identities to ensure their employability.
    • Thinking digitally in a digital world.

      Moore, Nicki; University of Derby (The Career Development Institute, 2018-01)
      This article sets out the Career Development Institue's Digital Strategy. IT highlights the key competence areas required by those working in the career development sector in the UK.
    • Why we've all got to be digital career practitioners

      Hooley, Tristram; University of Derby (2015)
      This article discusses effective strategies for career development on the internet.