• Creating an evidence base to support the development of a holistic approach to working with children and young people in Derbyshire: a local authority case study on the integration of social pedagogy in children and young people’s services

      Chavaudra, Nicole; Moore, Nicki; Marriott, John; Jakhara, Mohammed; University of Derby (ThemPra Social Pedagogy and the Centre for Understanding Social, 2014-12)
      Derbyshire County Council Children and Younger Adult’s Directorate has been undergoing a social pedagogy learning journey. Local research has identified that where social pedagogy underpins the activities offered to vulnerable children and those in residential care settings the outcomes for these groups are improved. Research suggests that there is a growing appetite for a programme of workforce development in social pedagogical approaches. A growing body of research suggests that whilst training in this area is valued and has impact, it should not result in a new professional identity, that of social pedagogue. Rather the principles and concepts should be embedded in the existing roles of a range of practitioners and stakeholders working with children and young people. As a result of these insights a new accredited programme is being developed in Derbyshire in partnership with the University of Derby which will be offered to 100 practitioners drawn from across the range of the children’s and young people’s workforce. This new approach will be the focus of new research which monitors the impact of the training on the behaviours of practitioners and the outcomes for children. This article offers insights into process and thinking which surrounds the new strategy.
    • Social pedagogy: a scoping project for Derbyshire County Council; summary report

      Moore, Nicki; Jakhara, Mohammed; Bowie, John; Marriott, John; University of Derby (International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby, 2013-06)
      Derbyshire County Council (DCC) is committed to promoting positive outcomes for children and young people who are ‘Looked After’. The Authority has found that promoting a social pedagogical approach appears to have a positive impact for stakeholders. In autumn 2012 representatives from DCC’s Children and Younger Adults department met with a team of University of Derby staff from the faculty of Education Health and Sciences (EHS) to discuss the potential to further promote and embed social pedagogy into the daily worng practice of DCC staff and carers. It was agreed that an initial research project to ascertain the potential for training in social pedagogy for DCC employees was a necessary component for achieving this aim. The project involved a range of research approaches including a desk based review of literature, a number of face to face, telephone and group interviews, and an online survey. In total 209 Individuals participated in the research including managers, practitioners and foster carers. This report presents a summary of the findings of the research including a number of options and recommendations for developing an approach to teaching and training the County’s children and young people’s workforce in this aspect of their professional practice.