• ‘ … and now it’s over to you’: recognising and supporting the role of careers leaders in schools in England

      Andrews, David; Hooley, Tristram; University of Derby (Taylor and Francis, 2016-11-11)
      There is a long history of teachers and schools being involved in the delivery of career education and guidance. As the breadth of career education and guidance activity in English schools grew throughout the twentieth century it became increasingly necessary to have an individual within the school responsible for leading and managing this activity (the careers leader). The transfer of responsibility for career guidance from local authorities to schools following the Education Act 2011 has intensified the need for this role. There have been various attempts to conceptualise and professionalise the role of careers leader and to develop appropriate training and support. This article defines the role and the rationale for the role, sets out its history and makes recommendations for the future professionalisation of the role. It is argued that this will include recognition of the role by policy, professionalisation and the development of a career structure and the development of appropriate training and CPD.
    • Careers leadership in practice: a study of 27 careers leaders in English secondary schools

      Andrews, David; Hooley, Tristram; University of Derby (Taylor & Francis, 2019-04-01)
      Historically, responsibility for career education and guidance in English schools was shared between the school and an external careers service. The Education Act 2011 transferred responsibility for career guidance to schools. Andrews and Hooley (2017) argued that for schools to successfully manage these new arrangements they require a ‘careers leader’. In this article, we report on research in 27 English state schools and multi-academy trusts where careers leadership currently exists. This research broadly endorses Andrews and Hooley’s typology of careers leadership tasks with the addition of a new task around securing funding. However, it is noted that the way in which these tasks are organised varies, with five models of careers leadership evident. The advantages and potential challenges of each model are outlined and implications for the training and professional development of careers leaders are discussed.
    • Is Gatsby great for careers education? A vision for the future of career learning in schools

      Andrews, David; University of Derby (University of Derby, 2020-04-27)
      This paper provides a written record of the 2019 iCeGS Annual Lecture which was delivered in December 2019 by David Andrews OBE.
    • Teachers and Careers: The role of school teachers in delivering career and employability learning

      Hooley, Tristram; Watts, A. G.; Andrews, David; University of Derby (International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby, 2015)