• Working out of the ‘toolbox’: an exploratory study with complementary therapists in acute cancer care

      McLaren, Natasha; Mackereth, Peter; Hackman, Eileen; Holland, Fiona G.; University of Derby; The Christie NHS Foundation Trust (Elsevier, 2013-12)
      Aims: The aim of this research was to explore and capture therapists’ experiences of and preparation for working with patients in an acute cancer care setting. Method: Semi structured interviews with therapists (n=18) in an acute cancer hospital in the North West of England. The interviews were transcribed and analysed using thematic coding. Results: Key themes identified included; the need for a ‘tool box’ that goes beyond initial training, building confidence with adapting these new skills in practice, helping patients to become empowered, the need to support carers, research evidence and resources issues, and the role of supervision. Conclusion: This study was limited by being set in a single acute cancer site. Therapists valued having a ‘tool box’ but needed confidence and support to navigate the challenges of clinical practice.