• Smoking behaviour and smoking motivations: the effects of alcohol

      Haynes, Caroline Anne; Clements, Keith; University of Derby (British Psychological Society, 2000)
      The present study examines the relationship between smoking motivations and both self-report and experimental measures of smoking behaviour. It also examines the effects of alcohol consumption on the relationship between smoking motivations and smoking. 48 individual completed self-report measures of smoking, and participated in an experiment comparing smoking behaviour in people who had consumed either alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. Results indicate a relationship tween self-reported and experimental measure of smoking and various smoking motivation factors. When separate analyses were conducted between groups who had consumed alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, smoking motivations only predicted smoking behaviour in those participants who had not consumed alcohol. Smoking for relief of negative affect, for intellectual stimulation and curiosity, and for social attractiveness and sensory stimulation significantly predicted experimental measures of smoking behaviour in the non-alcohol conditions. This indicates that smoking motivations are important predictors of smoking, however when alcohol has been consumed, smoking motivational factors no longer influence smoking behaviour.