• Assessing the short-term outcomes of a community-based intervention for overweight and obese children: The MEND 5-7 programme

      Smith, Lindsey; Chadwick, Paul; Radley, Duncan; Kolotourou, Maria; Gammon, C. S.; Rosborough, J.; Sacher, Paul M. (2013-07-16)
      The aim of this study was to report outcomes of the UK service level delivery of MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition...Do it!) 5-7, a multicomponent, community-based, healthy lifestyle intervention designed for overweight and obese children aged 5–7 years and their families.
    • Is BMI alone a sufficient outcome to evaluate interventions for child obesity?

      Kolotourou, Maria; Radley, Duncan; Chadwick, Paul; Smith, Lindsey; Orfanos, Stravos; Kapetanakis, Venediktos; Singhal, Atul; Cole, Tim J.; Sacher, Paul M. (2013-08)
      BMI is often used to evaluate the effectiveness of childhood obesity interventions, but such interventions may have additional benefits independent of effects on adiposity. We investigated whether benefits to health outcomes following the Mind, Exercise, Nutrition.Do It! (MEND) childhood obesity intervention were independent of or associated with changes in zBMI.