• Stresses, challenges, and rewards of home-based applied behaviour analysis intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder.

      Parker, Vikki; Childs, Carrie; University of Derby (Taylor & Francis, 2019-06-02)
      This study examined the experiences of five parents who had children with autism spectrum disorder, who were receiving applied behaviour analysis-based intervention in their home setting, in order to better understand the rewards and challenges associated with such a program. The limitations and difficulties of home-based programs for children with autism spectrum disorder have been well documented. These include the impact on family wellbeing, difficulties recruiting program tutors, and problems obtaining funding from local education authorities. Semi-structured interviews were conducted and data analysed using interpretative phenomenological analysis. Three themes emerged: (i) absence of personal space: “one of the most difficult and least exciting things of running a home-program is the fact that it’s your home”; (ii) having personal agency: “the ability to sustain the program and fight the system”; and (iii) feeling empowered: “anyone can learn anything”. Findings highlighted the prevalence of problems caused by “the system”. Difficulties of implementing an intervention within the home and financial strain were additional stressors. It was concluded that challenges with applied behaviour analysis-based intervention are distinct from the intervention itself. Nevertheless, parents felt supported by their intervention teams. The results of this study are discussed in relation to current applied behaviour analysis-based intervention provisions.