• The “resort effect”: Can tourist islands act as refuges for coral reef species?

      Moritz, Charlotte; Ducarme, Frédéric; Sweet, Michael J.; Fox, Michael D.; Zgliczynski, Brian; Ibrahim, Nizam; Basheer, Ahmed; Furby, Kathryn A.; Caldwell, Zachary R.; Pisapia, Chiara; et al. (Wiley, 2017-09-13)
      There is global consensus that marine protected areas offer a plethora of benefits to the biodiversity within and around them. Nevertheless, many organisms threatened by human impacts also find shelter in unexpected or informally protected places. For coral reef organisms, refuges can be tourist resorts implementing local environment-friendly bottom-up management strategies. We used the coral reef ecosystem as a model to test whether such practices have positive effects on the biodiversity associated with de facto protected areas.