• Investigating supply chain performance and supply chain integration linkage in Jordanian manufacturing firms.

      Kumar, Vikas; Zeidan, Jack; Kumari, Archana; Garza-Reyes, Jose Arturo; Tupa, Jiri; University of the West of England; University of Derby; University of West Bohemia (IEOM Society, 2018-07)
      Supply chain integration plays a major role in the success of any organisation. As a result in last over a decade it has drawn a significant interest from the research community and practitioners alike. Though researchers have aimed to address various aspects of supply chain integration, research addressing its linkage with overall performance of organisation is limited. The purpose of this research is to investigate the relationship between supply chain integration and supply chain performance as well as the relationship between logistics systems and supply chain performance. A survey was developed and sent to 40 manufacturing companies operating in Jordan. The results show that supply chain integration has a positive impact on the performance of the supply chain as a whole. Moreover, when a high degree of supply chain integration takes place, it reduces inbound, outbound, warehousing and inventory holding costs. The study also investigates the impact of implementing logistics systems to act as an intermediate between supply chain partners. The result of the investigation shows a positive correlation between logistics management and supply chain performance. The study provides valuable contribution to theory and practice by adding to our limited understanding of supply chain integration in developing country context.