• This is Derby: dialogic activism

      Jones, Rhiannon; Craig, Tom; Manning-Jones, Alix; Barth, Caroline; Turner, Will; University of Derby; Derby Theatre; Derby County Community Trust (Arts in Society, 2019-06)
      This paper explores the artistic research project "This is Derby" undertaken by University of Derby, Derby County Community Trust and Derby Theatre; the only Learning Theatre in the UK. The project engaged targeted participants living within identified areas of deprivation from the city of Derby. The research aimed to design a dialogic methodology using a "grass roots" approach to provide young people with free art activities. Examples will be provided in the paper of how the research was undertaken, what and how key barriers were identified by both schools and parents; including the lack of cultural integration outside of school time in the UK and the impact of lacks in financial or family support. The paper shares models of best practice whilst highlighting the value of having undertaken an artistic and dialogic methodology. The impact of the project is extensively noted within UK contemporary social contexts and as a result of the findings, 9 community hubs and a virtual hub were created. "This is Derby" was a collaborative research project that has provided essential life skills for young persons in socio economically deprived areas of Derby, resulting in social mobility and new access to the arts. This paper disseminates both the design and impact of the research proposing that dialogic methodologies are an instigator for change in order to enable and empower younger persons. This is Derby has produced dialogic methodology that has actively contributed to the future cultural offering in the city of Derby and impacts on art research. Dr Rhiannon Jones’ research activity, and conference attendance was fully funded by Derby County Community Trust. Dr Rhiannon Jones, Caroline Barth, Will Turner and Alix Manning-Jones presented the paper at The Arts in Society, 2019, as part of the special focus series.