• Lean manufacturing and environmental performance – exploring the impact and relationship

      Nadeem, Simon Peter; Garza-Reyes, Jose Arturo; Leung, Sin-Ching; Cherrafi, Anass; Anosike, Anthony; Lim, Ming K.; University of Derby; PAL Surface Treatment System Ltd.; Cadi Ayyad University; Coventry University (Springer, 2017-08-29)
      The relationship between Lean Manufacturing and Environmental Performance has attracted much debate but at the same time lack of empirical evidence leaves haphazard opinions on this matter. The objective of this paper is therefore to pro-vide some insight into the impact of Lean Manufacturing on Environmental Per-formance and the existing relationship of these two concepts. Four semi-structured interviews with industrial and academic experts provided a solid ground to suggest that the relationship does exist, despite the fact that these two concepts were developed independently from each other. Being the exploratory nature of this study and its purpose to ignite further research, it does not employ a quantitative approach. The results of this study can help managers to better un-derstand and concurrently tackle both the economic and environmental challenges faced by their organizations.