• S.H.E.D: A Case Study: Acting locally, thinking globally

      Jones, Rhiannon; Roy, Hanney; Gaio, Ana; Price, Lada; University of Derby; City University, UK; Sheffield Hallam University (Springer/ Palgrave Macmillan, 2020-11-05)
      The research enquiry into how we design for dialogue through the design of a mobile arts and public space, taking the premise of an old garden shed as a starting point presented an opportunity for students at University of Derby to work on the live artist led research project entitled S.H.E.D, the Social Higher Education Depot. Through this live project Dr Rhiannon Jones was able to explore how this live project functioned as a model of best practice. As a result of this, it was invited to be a case study in this new book by Palgrave on 'Applied Pedagogies for Higher Education' in the chapter that focuses on 'Making Projects Real in a Higher Education Context'. It provides a clear critique and example of how a live project, such as S.H.E.D can be an engaged practice-led-research activity that can also work as a project that directly engages students in the Higher Education Context. The Case Study provides an overview of the S.H.E.D Social Higher Education Depot teaching engaged aspects of the project and lessons learnt.