• The role of the teacher today

      Hayes, Dennis; Marshall, Toby; University of Derby (SCETT, 2016-03-31)
      This is a collection of essays based on themes discussed at conferences and seminars between 2009 and 2012 organised the Standing Committee for the Education and Training of Teachers (SCETT), a charity (Number 296425) established by the education trade unions in 1981. Visit www.scett.org.uk for more information. A limited number of hard copies of the book are available from Professor Dennis Hayes at the University of Derby for £4.30 which includes postage and packing (email d.hayes@derby.ac.uk) or find the book on Amazon.
    • The role of value co-creation in SME pop-up retail space: a supply-side relational stakeholder perspective.

      Foster, Carley; Brindley, Clare; Oxborrow, Lynn; Armannsdottir, Guja; University of Derby; Nottingham Trent University (2017-07-05)
      Pop-ups are regarded as temporary retail space providing an experiential experience to customers, a solution to filling empty retail units and a way for SME retailers to market test products and services. Studies exploring the pop-up phenomenon have focused upon the vale co-creation between the customer and pop-up owner. However, this paper argues that the inter-organisational relationships the pop-up has with other supply-side stakeholders can also be a source of value co-creation for the pop-up. The paper argues that inter-organisational interactions are a source of value creation helping to improve the managerial capabilities and business model of the pop-up. This in turn improves the final offering to the end consumer. The study draws upon interview data collected from landlords, local authorities, shopping centres, community representatives and pop-owners across 6 sites in the UK, Iceland and the Netherlands.
    • The role of viruses in coral health and disease

      Sweet, Michael J.; Bythell, John C.; University of Derby; Newcastle University (Elsevier, 2016-12-18)
      Metagenomic and electron microscopy studies confirm that the coral microbiome contains a rich diversity and abundance of viruses. While there have been no definitive tests of disease causation by viruses in corals, viruses have been implicated as coral pathogens in a number of studies. Growing evidence also indicates that latent viral infections can compromise the algal symbionts under environmental stress and may be involved in the coral bleaching response. Conversely, bacteriophages and archaeal phage viruses are abundant in the microbiome of healthy corals and are likely to be involved in complex ecological networks, genetic material transfer and selective co-evolution within the surface mucus layers and tissues. The relative importance of viral control of bacterial and archaeal populations is unknown, but they are almost certain to be exerting some level of control on the composition and maintenance of the coral microbiome. While rapid leaps in the capability to detect viruses have been made due to advances in metagenomics and bioinformatics, these approaches need now to be integrated with in vitro culture and challenge experiments to assess the functional roles of viruses in health and disease, and it is imperative that interactions with other members of the coral microbiome are taken into account when assessing disease causation.
    • The role of visible diversity in retail service quality

      Foster, Carley; Resnick, Sheilagh; Nottingham Trent University (2010)
    • Roles and responsibilities in integrated care for dementia.

      Robertshaw, David; Cross, Ainslea; University of Derby; School of Nursing and Professional Practice, University of Derby, Derby, UK; UDOL, University of Derby, Derby, UK (Emerald, 2019-04-15)
      PURPOSE Effective integrated healthcare systems require capable, trained workforces with leadership, shared governance and co-ordination. This study aimed to provide additional understanding of roles and responsibilities in relation to integrated care from the perspective of massive open online course (MOOC) participants. METHODOLOGY MOOC discussion board posts were analysed using Framework analysis consisting of transcription, familiarisation, coding, developing an analytical framework and application of the framework. FINDINGS Boundaries and key issues surrounding roles and responsibilities were highlighted and participants suggested a number of enablers that could remove barriers, thereby enhancing integrated care. ORIGINALITY/VALUE Enablers included introduction of shared communication and IT systems to support continuity of care. Awareness and understanding of dementia was seen as crucial to promote person centred care and care planning. The roles of education in, and experience of, dementia care were highlighted. Barriers affecting the roles and responsibility professionals exercise include funding, role conflicts, time constraints and time-consuming paperwork.
    • Roles of positive psychology for mental health in UK social work students: self-compassion as a predictor of better mental health

      Kotera, Yasuhiro; Green, Pauline; Sheffield, David; University of Derby (Oxford Academic, 2019-11-29)
      Despite high shame about mental health symptoms among UK social work students, positive psychological approaches to their mental health have not been investigated in depth. Emotional resilience has been a core skill in social work practice, however its relationship with mental health is still unclear. Therefore, the primary purposes of this cross-sectional study were to (i) examine the relationships between mental health and positive psychological constructs, namely resilience, self-compassion, motivation, and engagement, and (ii) determine predictors of mental health in UK social work students. An opportunity sampling of 116 UK social work students (102 females, 14 males; 96 undergraduates, 20 postgraduates) completed five measures about these constructs. Correlation and regression analyses were conducted. Mental health was associated with resilience, self-compassion, and engagement. Self-compassion was a negative predictor, and intrinsic motivation was a positive predictor of mental health symptoms. Resilience did not predict mental health symptoms. The findings highlight the importance of self-compassion to the challenging mental health of UK social work students; they caution against the overuse and misunderstanding of resilience in the social work field.
    • Ronald Pope: modern sculpture in the public eye

      Burstow, Robert; University of Derby (University of Derby (The Open Studio), 2008)
    • Room acoustics and virtual reality: An implementation of auralisation and 360 degree image techniques to create virtual representations of spaces

      Vilkaitis, Alex; Dring, Mark; Middlicott, Charlie; Hill, Adam J.; Wiggins, Bruce; University of Derby (Institute of Acoustics, 2016-11)
      There has been a huge increase in enthusiasm for virtual reality in recent years. Spatial audio is of significant importance when creating virtual reality content if the experience is to be perceptually congruent. This project aims to intersect the worlds of virtual acoustic auralisation and virtual reality, creating a novel method of demonstrating room acoustic environments with maximal audio visual impact in a user friendly fashion. An open source library of 3D impulse responses together with 360° image/video capture using a variety of techniques will be created in different spaces (and positions within). Various spaces will be measured and analysed including classrooms, music venues, buildings of historical interest and theatres. As well as impulse response (IR) measurements, 360° images will be recorded using photospheres, captured on android smart phones [1] and the Ricoh theta S [2]. Future applications for these impulse responses will be the development of a virtual mixing tool, where the user will be able to experience mixing live performances within an auralised virtual environment, a method of allowing audiences to view and hear auralisations of different seating positions within a space for ticketing and marketing purposes, and the possibility of a real time auralised virtual concert.
    • Root cause failure analysis of a tracked vehicle balance arm.

      Khan, Ayaz M.; Mahmood, Khalid; Waheed ul Haq, Syed; Choudhry, Rizwan Saeed; Khan, Shahbaz Mahmood; HITEC University; National University of Sciences and Technology; Heavy Industries Taxila; University of Derby; Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (Elsevier, 2017-10-13)
      This paper relates to an upgraded Industrial tracked vehicle which was found with a failed Balance arm during disassembly. The failure analysis of an actual Balance Arms surface was carried out using Fractography and Non Destructive testing techniques to dig out the root cause. The analysis revealed microscopic signatures categorically pointing towards post failure surface mechanical damage. The factor causing to promote failure was improper manufacturing i.e. casting which was further attributed to MnS inclusions.
    • Rory Williams: The boy who waited.

      Forde, Teresa; University of Derby (McFarland Press, 2016)
      This chapter considers the character of Rory Williams as a companion of the Doctor within the television series Doctor Who. The chapter considers issues of gender and masculinity within science fiction.
    • Rostering air traffic controllers.

      Conniss, Richard; University of Derby (Elsevier, 2018-06)
      Many, if not most, real world scheduling problems fall into the class of NP. Classical, mathematically exact methods when applied to these problems often suffer from scaling issues, that prevent the computation of a solution in reasonable time. Similarly, real world problems can often be characterised by the requirement to dynamically change any prebuilt roster in reaction to unforeseen changes to the resources available, such as short notice staff absence or a change in the requirements of the task to be fulfilled. Metaheuristic methods have been successfully used to make approximations to optimal solutions which are good enough for practical use. In this paper an example of a novel and complex employee scheduling, or rostering, problem will be discussed and a simple metaheuristic method demonstrated to solve the problem.
    • Roundtable: (Re)presenting the archive.

      Cheeseman, Matthew; University of Derby (ArchiveJournal.net, 2014-03)
    • Route 57 issue 11: the feisty font review

      Cheeseman, Matthew; Ladkin, Sam; Lehóczky, Ágnes; Levick, Carmen; Morris, Paula; Piette, Adam; University of Sheffield (Spirit Duplicator, 2015)
      The creative writing journal of the University of Sheffield. Featuring over fifty writers in non-fiction, poetry, fiction and drama. Ágnes Lehóczky is the poetry editor and Paula Morris the fiction editor.
    • Route 57 issue 12: if anything younger

      Cheeseman, Matthew; Honor Gavin, Alice; Kindellan, Michael; Lehóczky, Ágnes; Zerihan, Rachel; University of Sheffield (Spirit Duplicator, 2016)
      A second edited volume of the creative writing journal. Featuring over fifty writers in non-fiction, poetry, fiction and drama. Ágnes Lehóczky is the poetry editor and Honor Gavin the fiction editor.
    • Route 57 issue 13: don’t add up

      Cheeseman, Matthew; Honor Gavin, Alice; Kindellan, Michael; Lehóczky, Ágnes; Zerihan, Rachel; University of Sheffield (Spirit Duplicator, 2017)
      A third edited volume of the creative writing journal. Featuring over fifty writers in non-fiction, poetry, fiction and drama. Ágnes Lehóczky was the poetry editor, Honor Gavin the fiction editor and Michael Kindellan the non-fiction editor.
    • The Routledge guide to key debates in education

      Hayes, Dennis; Canterbury Christ Church University (Routledge, 2004)
      Debating is out of fashion. No one raises the question of what has gone wrong when the entire political project of a society is seemingly reduced to 'education, education, education'. The aim of this lively and challenging book is to provide the stimulus for further thinking about key educational issues by exposing and explaining the assumptions behind this obsession. Over forty contributors, all experts in their fields, have written short, accessible, informed and lively articles for students, teachers and others involved in education. They address broad questions that are central to any understanding of what is really going on in the education system. Topics covered include: the new relationship of the state to education; the changed nature of schools; whether teachers are afraid to teach; the problems with circle time, anti-bullying strategies, citizenship education, and multiple intelligences; the retreat from truth and the demise of theory in teacher training, and much more. Everyone learning to teach in primary and secondary schools and further education colleges will find this book relevant to their programmes. In particular the book would be useful for students on Education Studies courses.
    • Routledge International Handbook of Dramatherapy

      Holmwood, Clive; Jennings, Sue; University of Derby (Routledge, 2016-05)
      From Australia, to Korea to the Middle East to Africa through Europe and into North America, dramatherapists are developing a range of working practices using the curative power of theatre and drama within a therapeutic context to work with diverse populations. This handbook covers a range of topics from esteemed academics and practitioners from around the globe that show the breadth and strength of dramatherapy as a developing and maturing profession. Divided into four main sections that look at current international developments, theoretical approaches, specific practice and new and innovative approaches, the book will appeal to academics, practitioners and students in the field.
    • Routledge international handbook of nurse education

      Dyson, Sue E.; McAllister, Margaret; University of Derby; Central Queensland University (Routledge, 2019-11-26)
      While vast numbers of nurses across the globe contribute in all areas of healthcare delivery from primary care to acute and long-term care in community settings, there are significant differences in how they are educated, as well as the precise nature of their practice. This comprehensive handbook provides a research-informed and international perspective on the critical issues in contemporary nurse education. As an applied discipline, nursing is implemented differently depending on the social, political and cultural climate in any given context. These factors impact on education, as much as on practice, and are reflected in debates around the value of accredited programmes, and on-the-job training, apprenticeship, undergraduate and postgraduate pathways into nursing. Engaging with these debates amongst others, the authors collected here discuss how, through careful design and delivery of nursing curricula, nurses can be prepared to understand complex care processes, complex healthcare technologies, complex patient needs and responses to therapeutic interventions, and complex organizations. The book discusses historical perspectives on how nurses should be educated; contemporary issues facing educators; teaching and learning strategies; the politics of nurse education; education for advanced nursing practice; global approaches; and educating for the future. Bringing together leading authorities from across the world to reflect on past, present and future approaches to nurse education and nursing pedagogy, this handbook provides a cutting-edge overview for all educators, researchers and policy-makers concerned with nurse education.
    • Routledge international handbook of play, therapeutic play and play therapy

      Jennings, Sue; Holmwood, Clive; University of derby; University of Witwatersrand, South Africa (Routledge, 2020-11-30)
      Routledge International Handbook of Play, Therapeutic Play and Play Therapy is the first book of its kind to provide an overview of key aspects of play and play therapy, considering play on a continuum from generic aspects through to more specific applied and therapeutic techniques and as a stand-alone discipline. Presented in four parts, the book provides a unique overview of, and ascribes equal value to, the fields of play, therapeutic play, play in therapy and play therapy. Chapters by academics, play practitioners, counsellors, arts therapists and play therapists from countries as diverse as Japan, Cameroon, India, the Czech Republic, Israel, USA, Ireland, Turkey, Greece and the UK explore areas of each topic, drawing links and alliances between each.  The book includes complex case studies with children, adolescents and adults in therapy with arts and play therapists, research with children on play, work in schools, outdoor play and play therapy, animal-assisted play therapy, work with street children and play in therapeutic communities around the world. Routledge International Handbook of Play, Therapeutic Play and Play Therapy demonstrates the centrality of play in human development, reminds us of the creative power of play and offers new and innovative applications of research and practical technique. It will be of great interest to academics and students of play, play therapy, child development, education and the therapeutic arts. It will also be a key text for play and creative arts therapists, both in practice and in training, play practitioners, social workers, teachers and anyone working with children.
    • RTS: road topology-based scheme for traffic condition estimation via vehicular crowdsensing

      Shao, Lu; Wang, Cheng; Liu, Lu; Jiang, Changjun; Tongji University; University of Derby; Department of Computer Science and Technology; Tongji University; Shanghai China; Department of Computer Science and Technology; Tongji University; Shanghai China; School of Computing and Mathematics; University of Derby; Derby UK; Department of Computer Science and Technology; Tongji University; Shanghai China (Wiley, 2016-01-28)
      Urban traffic condition usually serves as basic information for some intelligent urban applications, for example, intelligent transportation system. The traditional acquisition of such information is often costly because of the dependencies on infrastructures, such as cameras and loop detectors. Crowdsensing, as a new economic paradigm, can be utilized together with vehicular networks to efficiently gather vehicle-sensed data for estimating the traffic condition. However, it has the problem of being lack of data uploading efficiency and data usage effectiveness. In this paper, we take into account the topology of the road net to deal with these problems. Specifically, we divide the road net into road sections and junction areas. Based on this division, we introduce a two-phased data collection and processing scheme named road topology-based scheme. It leverages the correlations among adjacent roads. In a junction area, data collected by vehicles are first processed and integrated by a sponsor vehicle to locally calculate traffic condition. Both the selection of the sponsor and the calculation of road condition utilize the road correlation. The sponsor then uploads the local data to a server. By employing the inherent relations among roads, the server processes data and estimates traffic condition for the road sections without vehicular data in a global vision. We conduct experiments based on real vehicle trace data. The results indicate that our design can commendably handle the problems of efficiency and effectiveness in traffic condition evaluation using the vehicular crowdsensing data.