• Reflections on belongings and becomings; art, maternity and family activism.

      McCloskey, Paula; university of Derby (2017-05)
      An invited artist talk entitled 'Reflections on Belongings and Becomings; Art, Maternity and Family Activism' as part of AirSpace Gallery Soup kitchen Artist Talks. Here I talked about the entanglement of Art, Maternity and Activism, returning to the research questions: If maternity is taken to be a thinking apparatus, a concept, an encounter, as well as a lived experience what new insights might emerge from arts practice and art writing that explores the complex entanglements of ‘maternity’ (in its broadest sense) and art? as well as Can the 'family' be a site of resistance to dominant ideologies and of imagining collective alternative futures, through different kinds of collectivity, by thinking beyond 'family' to kinship/more than human/non-biologically based conceptions?