• Dissociative tendencies, sensory processing sensitivity and aberrant salience as predictors of anomalous experiences and paranormal attributions.

      Irwin, Harvey. J.; Schofield, Malcolm B.; Baker, Ian S.; University of Derby (Society for Psychical Research, 2014-10)
      An online survey completed by 307 adults was undertaken to examine the relationship between the reporting of parapsychological experiences and three psychological dimensions, namely dissociative tendencies, sensory-processing sensitivity and aberrant salience. In contrast with most previous studies of parapsychological experiences, cognizance was taken of a distinction between a proneness to have anomalous experiences and a proneness to attribute such experiences to paranormal factors. All three psychological predictors were found to be related both to a proneness to anomalous experiences and to a proneness to paranormal attributions. Possible implications of these findings for the basis of parapsychological experiences are indicated.