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  • The vision and the mission of the International Journal of Spa and Wellness

    Clarke, Alan; azara, Iride; Michopoulou, Eleni; University of Derby (Informa UK Limited, 2018-06-05)
  • Education and Certification in Sound Pressure Level Measurement, Monitoring and Management at Entertainment Events

    Mulder, Johannes; Hill, Adam; Burton, Jon; Kok, Marcel; Lawrence, Michael; Shabalina, Elena; University of Derby; National University of Australia; dBcontrol; Rational Acoustics; et al. (Audio Engineering Society, 2021-07-22)
    A recent AES Technical Document on sound exposure and noise pollution due to outdoor music events proposes the creation of a live event sound level management initiative. In parallel, the World Health Organization, by way of the Make Listening Safe initiative, is preparing a regulatory framework for control of recreational sound exposure in entertainment venues. This paper considers how these developments could inform a certification scheme for live sound engineers and other key stakeholders. Such a scheme would detail current best practice and would allow venues, events, manufacturers and performers to voluntarily gain certification. This would help to boost public visibility of what an event or venue has done to promote the health and wellbeing of all key stakeholders.
  • The importance of an inclusive alumni network for ensuring effective transitions into employment and future destinations for people with learning disabilities

    Blake, Hannah; Hanson, Jill; Clark, Lewis; University of Derby (Wiley, 2021-10-18)
    Research has previously been undertaken around the subject of alumni networks, yet it remains to touch upon the inclusivity of these networks, particularly relating to people with learning disabilities. Referring to Law's “Community Interaction Theory”, this study sets out to explore how education providers understand and implement alumni networks and how these networks can be adapted to enhance career and life course aspirations for people with learning disabilities. The data collection process was part of a larger, innovative project that set out to address the issue of inclusion in the labour market for people with learning disabilities. Six education providers participated in focus groups. In one special educational needs college two students with learning disabilities also participated. Participants were asked about what alumni means to them, their experiences of engaging alumni and what impact an inclusive alumni network could have on their educational setting. The findings show that participants are aware of the importance of creating an inclusive alumni network and recognised the benefits it could bring to their institute and their learners with learning disabilities, but any signs of an alumni network were yet to be implemented. This research contributes to data and debate on the relationship between social inclusion and education for people with learning disabilities.
  • An exploration into Gen Ys attitudes and behaviour towards volunteering whilst backpacking

    Jelaca, Elena; Azara, Iride; Michopoulou, Eleni; University of Derby (Goodfellows, 2021-09-01)
    This study focuses on Generation Ys’ attitudes and behaviour towards engaging in volunteer tourism whilst backpacking. To that end, we first examine Gen Ys’ generational characteristics and the predominant attitudes and behaviours displayed by this generational cohort. Then the focus is shifted to understanding Generation Y as backpackers and their internal and external motivations. These motivations are queried under the prism of volunteer tourism; being seen as factors determining the level of engagement with volunteer tourism and overall backpacking behaviour while travelling. This chapter provides insights into the themes described above by examining the relevant tourism literature. Finally, it summarises the theoretical gaps in the extant literature and sets objectives for future research, whilst signposting authors to key literature sources.
  • FAN Mothers in Our Fragile Social Network against Climate Change

    McCloskey, Paula; Duffy, Clare; Zvensden, Zoe; Chicago, Jennifer; Hawkes, Jodie; Townley, Anna; Lovett, Leah; Šimić, Lena; University of Derby; Sheffield Hallam University (York University, Toronto, 2021-10-05)
    This email chain conversation between seven mother/artist/activists written over a period of one year between January 2018 and January 2019 reflects our various family lives and attitudes to climate change at that time. The authors identify as belonging to the Family Activist Network, and consequently, to the environmental movement in the age of the Anthropocene. The piece addresses: (1) The many contradictions, paradoxes, hypocrisies, and incongruences inherent trying to be mother/artist/activist; (2) Feminist solidarity; (3) Questioning if it is possible to reconcile activism with maternity, under what circumstances, and according to what models of activist/maternal practice; (4) Intergenerational injustice; (5) The question of acting/not acting; (6) The question of paying attention – noticing how you live and how you create the conditions for another human to live; (7) Other life – other humans, non-humans and the earth, and; (8) The spectacle of mothers and children in protest – the whole performance of mothering in the public realm, at rallies, marches, and art-activist events.

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