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  • Lean readiness within emergency departments: A conceptual framework

    Al-Najem, Mohammed; Garza-Reyes, J.A.; Antony, J.; University of Derby (Emerald, 2019)
    The purpose of this study was to develop a framework to assess the lean readiness within emergency departments (EDs) and identify the key quality practices deemed essential for lean system (LS) implementation. An extensive review of lean healthcare literature was conducted, including LS implementation within the healthcare sector (both generally and in EDs), best ED quality practices, essential factors for LS implementation within healthcare, and lean readiness assessment frameworks. The authors identified six main categories from a literature review (top management and leadership, human resources, patient relations, supplier relations, processes, and continuous improvement), and validated these based on experts’ opinion. Several factors were identified as crucial for EDs, including top management and leadership, human resources, patient relations, supplier relations, processes, and continuous improvement. The framework has not yet been tested, which prevents the author from declaring it fit for EDs. To the author’s knowledge, this is the first lean readiness assessment framework for EDs and one of the few lean readiness assessment frameworks in the literature.
  • Parents’ experiences of having an excessively crying baby and implications for support services

    Garratt, Rosemary; Bamber, Deborah; Powell, Charlotte; Long, Jaqui; Brown, Jayne; Turney, Nicy; Chessman, Jo; Dyson, Sue; St James-Roberts, Ian; De Montfort University; University of Sheffield; University of Derby; University College London (Mark Allen Group (MAGonline), 2019-03)
    Evidence suggests that around 20% of healthy babies cry for long periods without apparent reason, causing significant distress to parents and a range of adverse outcomes. This study explored parents’ experiences of having an excessively crying baby and their suggestions for improved NHS support. Focus groups and interviews with 20 parents identified three key themes: disrupted expectations and experiences of parenthood; stigma and social isolation; seeking support and validation of experience. Parents experienced shock, anxiety and a sense of failure, leading to self-imposed isolation and a reluctance to seek help. Other people’s reactions sometimes reinforced their feelings. Parents need more support, including from health professionals, to cope with excessive crying, and recommendations for this support are given.
  • Prospectivity mapping for high sulfidation epithermal porphyry deposits using an integrated compositional and topographic remote sensing dataset

    Ganas, Athanassios; Pope, Richard; Ferrier, Graham; University of Hull; National Observatory of Athens; University of Derby (Elsevier, 2019-02-26)
    The targeting and discovery of epithermal porphyry mineral deposits can be enhanced using a structured quantitative methodology to analyse the distribution of ore deposits and model their spatial association with exploration evidence providing improved understanding on the controls of ore deposition. A novel exploration tool integrating field and ASTER SWIR and TIR satellite imagery has been developed which provides an enhanced means of resolving surface expressions of the residual silica core of the lithocap. The alteration zones were clearly resolved by the remote sensing data and an intimate spatial relationship between high-grade altered rocks and topographic highs was identified at a number of locations. A Mineral Prospectivity Modelling (MPM) approach, parameterized by the results of the remote sensing study, using a GIS-based weighted linear combination implementation of a Multi-Criteria Evaluation approach and utilising a fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process to elucidate expert knowledge has been implemented to target high sulfidation epithermal porphyry deposits on the Island of Lesvos, Greece. The results from this integrated altitudinal-compositional modelling approach closely matched the hydrothermal alteration mapped in the field supporting the accuracy of this MPM approach.
  • Exploring well-being and creativity through collaborative composition as part of Hull 2017 city of culture

    Waddington-Jones, Caroline; King, Andrew; Burnard, Pamela; University of Hull; University of Cambridge (Frontiers, 2019-03-22)
    Several studies have highlighted the positive effects of group music-making and have suggested that it may be the creative and social aspects of such activities, which have a positive effect on participants’ well-being. Collaborative composition offers strong examples of both aspects as participants work together to create new material. However, although it seems likely that participants’ influence over and ownership of the creative material contributes to these positive effects, studies have yet to examine these elements in detail. Through analysis of video observations, pre- and post-project interviews, video recall interviews, and questionnaires, this article aims to: (1) evaluate the impact of participation in collaborative composition workshops on the subjective and psychological well-being of older adults and (2) identify skills and approaches employed by the composer-facilitators in order to understand more fully the approach and skills employed to engage participants effectively in the creative process. This second aim is of particular interest given the current movement toward social prescribing and arts and health interventions in the UK. Analysis revealed that all dimensions of the PERMA framework for subjective and psychological well-being were present in this collaborative composition project. The specific nature of collaborative composition is considered in comparison with other forms of group musical engagement. For older adults, collaborative composition has much to offer as an activity encouraging social interaction with others with shared interests, increasing positive affect, and enhancing self-esteem. Analysis of workshop videos and interviews with composers identified various facilitation skills employed by the composers to establish safe creative space and to encourage participants to engage in the process of collaborative composition.
  • Pervasive blood pressure monitoring using Photoplethysmogram (PPG) Sensor

    Riaz, Farhan; Azad, Muhammad; Arshad, Junaid; Imran, Muhammad; Hassan, Ali; Rehmad, Saad; Derby (Elsevier, 2019-03-08)
    Preventive healthcare requires continuous monitoring of the blood pressure (BP) of patients, which is not feasible using conventional methods. Photoplethysmogram (PPG) signals can be effectively used for this purpose as there is a physiological relation between the pulse width and BP and can be easily acquired using a wearable PPG sensor. However, developing real-time algorithms for wearable technology is a significant challenge due to various conflicting requirements such as high accuracy, computationally constrained devices, and limited power supply. In this paper, we propose a novel feature set for continuous, real-time identification of abnormal BP. This feature set is obtained by identifying the peaks and valleys in a PPG signal (using a peak detection algorithm), followed by the calculation of rising time, falling time and peak-to-peak distance. The histograms of these times are calculated to form a feature set that can be used for classification of PPG signals into one of the two classes: normal or abnormal BP. No public dataset is available for such study and therefore a prototype is developed to collect PPG signals alongside BP measurements. The proposed feature set shows very good performance with an overall accuracy of approximately 95\%. Although the proposed feature set is effective, the significance of individual features varies greatly (validated using significance testing) which led us to perform weighted voting of features for classification by performing autoregressive modeling. Our experiments show that the simplest linear classifiers produce very good results indicating the strength of the proposed feature set. The weighted voting improves the results significantly, producing an overall accuracy of about 98%. Conclusively, the PPG signals can be effectively used to identify BP, and the proposed feature set is efficient and computationally feasible for implementation on standalone devices.

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