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About the researcher: Bruce Wiggins

Title: Senior Lecturer

Department: School of Technology

Field: Surround Audio Processing

Location: MS206

Phone: 01332 593157


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Research interests:

Audio Digital Signal Processing. Surround Sound Algorithmic research including work on Ambisonics, binaural and transaural approaches. Use of Heuristic Methods in the optimisation of multi-speaker decodes.

Teaching interests:

Module leader for the undergraduate modules: Analogue and Digital Electronics, Audio Systems Technology, Audio Digital Signal Processing, Multi-Channel Sound System Design, Musical Applications Programming, Digital Signal Processing & Sound Design. Also contributes to the modules: Electrical Principles and Measurement Computer Music Systems Computer Systems and Networks DSP Theory Independent Studies Have previously taught: Real-time Software Engineering (MSc.) Information Technology and Electronic CAD

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Improved Spatial Audio from Ambisonic Surround Sound Software

An Impact Case Study submitted to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 detailing how my research has led to impact outside of Academia.

AmbiFreeVerb 2—Development of a 3D ambisonic reverb with spatial warping and variable scattering

2016 Audio Engineering Society Paper on 3D reverberation algorithms

Ambisonic Music Production Tutorial Videos

This link will take you to my educational screencasts covering the use of my Ambisonic Software Plug-ins .

An investigation into the real-time manipulation and control of three-dimensional sound fields

My PhD Thesis (2004) involving 1st and higher order irregular Ambisonic decoders, binaural and cross-talk cancelled reproduction of 3D audio.

Distance coding and performance of the mark 5 and st350 SoundField microphones and their suitability for Ambisonic reproduction.

A paper looking at the significance of distance cues available in Ambisonics, and how these are encoded by two different models of a SoundField microphone.

Inside-outside: 3-D music through tissue conduction

Tissue conduction headset paper presented at the International Conference on the Multimodal Experience of Music

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This page details my citation data according to Google Scholar. It's not 100% correct (I know of other high profile citations it seems to have missed), but it's a useful indicator.