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About the researcher: Dina Abbott

Title: Professor of Development Geography

Department: Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Field: Development and Human Geography

Location: University of Derby, Faculty of Education, Health and Sciences, Kedleston Road, Derby, DE22 1GB

Phone: 01332 591757


Fax: 01332 597747

Research interests:

Themes(1)Gendered, poverty and livelihoods in developing countries, including urban slums India; agriculture production small-scale women farmers the Gambia, Uganda. (2)Modification of food crops. (3)Methodological, philosophical and ethical implications of teaching and research into gendered poverty in developing countries. (4)Philosophies of geographical fieldwork. (5)Lived experience of climate change.Rainwater harvesting and indeginous knowledge.

Teaching interests:

As above, including PhD supervision. Recent (completed)PhD examples: (i)Banana tissue culture intervention, Uganda; (ii)Microfinance for poverty alleviation, Zimbabwe; (iii) Computer technology for food manaegment services, Kenya; (iv)Travel and cultural identity, Malaysia. New entrants 2012: (i)Return remittances, Tanzania; (ii) Sea incursion and environmental sustainability, Nigeria; (iii)Environmental & social impact water floridation, Nigeria.

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List of publications & conference/seminar presentations

A list of publications and conference/seminar presentations of upto July 2012 is archived in UDORA at

- folder: Current externally funded projects

European Union ERASMUS project partner in the ‘Lived Experience of Climate Change’( Total consortium award € 386,905 over 2.5 years. University of Derby total budget was €38534(at75%). The project is a unique collaboration between eight European universities and has broken new ground in developing an interdisciplinary approach in creating on-line and virtual mobility MSc Open Educational Resources within the novel concept of 'Lived Experiences' of Climate Change.

- folder: External activities

These include external examining; research council commissioning panel membership, undergraduate and post-graduate geography programme validation; PhD examining;consultation on development management issues, academic consultation on distance-teaching materials as well as e-learning and forum moderation.