Researcher page: Heidi Sowter

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About the researcher: Heidi Sowter

Title: Dr

Department: Biological and Forensic Sciences

Field: Oncology

Location: N612a

Phone: 01332 591749


Research interests:

During my research career I have mainly focussed on gynaecological cancers, especially ovarian cancer. I am a member of a worldwide ovarian tumour tissue consortium, and am involved in identifying molecular markers that can be used to diagnose and treat ovarian cancers. I have strong links with Royal Derby Hospital, and am currently the Chief investigator of a randomised, controlled clinical trial investigating the effects of Yoga on patients undergoing treatment for gynaecological cancers at Derby.

Teaching interests:

Oncology, immunology, mammalian reproduction, human physiology and genetics (including epigenetics)

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Expression and effects of modulation of the K2P potassium channels TREK-1 (KCNK2) and TREK-2 (KCNK10) in the normal human ovary and epithelial ovarian cancer.

Expression and prognostic significance of the oncogenic K2P potassium channel KCNK9 (TASK-3) in ovarian carcinoma.

Microcell-mediated chromosome transfer identifies EPB41L3 as a functional suppressor of epithelial ovarian cancers.

The role of Eag and HERG channels in cell proliferation and apoptotic cell death in SK-OV-3 ovarian cancer cell line