The Biological Sciences Research Group has research interests that are wide ranging and cut across many disciplines. Currently research areas include:

Ecology of lanktonic amoebae in the marine environment

Photo-identification in vertebrates

Conservation genetics of the Shore Dock

Natterjack Toad and South Pacific Petrel Plant conservation biotechnology

The function and evolution of nuptial feeding and aggression in insects

Forensic and medical entomology

The history of zoological gardens

The cell biology of gynaecological cancers

Complementary therapies and cancer treatment

Biodiversity Ecosystem

Functioning wildlife disease dynamics

Bat ecology

Optimal foraging

Bioturbation Respiratory limitations in physically demanding occupations

Respiratory muscle training in sport and occupational settings

Effects of heavy backpacks upon breathing and exercise tolerance

Using exercise as a hypoalgesic for pain

The role of cooling strategies in maintaining thermoregulatory and cardiovascular function

The evolution of monogamy and male care

The influence of predators and food-competitors on behaviour and demographics of owl monkeys


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